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comment Safe blood pressure for exercise
Thank you. I understand that exercise will increase blood pressure, but is there a commonly accepted maximum blood pressure, similar to the agreed on "target heart rate"? Or is this something that varies too much among individuals?
comment Starting morning routine for unfit person
@Freakyuser Was going to post a proper follow up answer with my routine, but never had the time with it. What worked for me is the running + walking combo - my home has some nice scenery, which is really good in the early morning. I spread it out every 2 days minimum to give time to recover. Every other day, I do a few push ups, squats, pull ups. What keeps me motivated is not so much about getting in shape, but being able to do a few extra push/pull ups than I did previously.
comment Starting morning routine for unfit person
I'd say my diet is decent. I just spend too much time in front of the computer all day, and weekends. And my metabolism has slowed down since the past decade or so.