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Currently doing micromagnetics simulation @Physics of Surface and Interface, Dept. of Mat. Sci. & Eng., Grad. School of Eng., Osaka U.

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What got me stumped recently:

  • Just couldn't figure out how to solve things just by scans in Theano metaprogramming language too)
  • Doesn't have the foresight to determine whether C++ template metaprogramming is worth the time invested in learning it.

comment Egg whites and yolks
@Greg in Japan (where I used to live), we sometimes eat them raw with certain types of noodles, usually dunked in soy sauce. So far, I've never gotten poisoning, but yeah, I suppose generally, you can't disregard the risks. Maybe I learnt about the yolks in some Japanese books. Also, cooking it is known to increase its protein absorption by the body, but I don't know if it includes the yolk.
comment Egg whites and yolks
@Greg By the way, is it true that it is recommended to eat yolks raw? I know it's not good eating whites raw (I always get mild allergic reaction afterwards), but I like the yolks raw.