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♦ Community moderator on Electrical Engineering.

I have three years of experience at a small start-up company which I would not suggest to everyone, but for those willing to teach themselves, it is an excellent opportunity.

I currently work in medical proton therapy as a systems engineer. Both the details of a functioning particle accelerator and the beam physics I work with keep me interested in the day to day of my job.

I am also currently pursuing a masters degree in electrical engineering.

I do not speak on behalf of my company, all views I express are my own.

comment Does eating late at night cause weight gain?
I had been told otherwise by friends whom were doing full degrees in biology. When you go to sleep full your body turns it directly into fat. However, if you are not eating enough calories to live without digesting this fat, your body will consume the fat. So I think it is a case of people blaming the wrong cause for large volumes of weight gain.
comment How do I prevent and/or treat dehydration?
my wife and her friends are ultra-marathoners and bicyclist. They can get very very ill if they do not ensure ingestion of electrolytes. You need to make sure you ingest both electrolytes and water. Lots and lots of water, but they often take electrolyte pills when they are doing their more severe workouts.