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comment What's an appropriate recovery period after a summit event?
@ryan-miller - Thanks for the response. That actually helps a lot. I'm not sure what specifics you would need to be able to provide more detail. Here's what I can tell you: (1) Time of actual play varies from 6-12 hours during a tournament. (2) Intensity varies from moderate to very intense during that time period. Tennis is basically a lot of short sprints with short breaks in between. (3) The heat can be a pretty big factor late in the summer. I definitely feel more zapped after a tournament in August than I do after playing on in April. // Is there anything else I can share?
comment How do I avoid calf and knee pain after a weekend of tennis?
Thanks for the response. I do wear the proper shoes. However, I don't always spend enough time warming up. Some of the matches end up being scheduled kind of early in the morning. I probably should make sure I get up early enough to warm up. I could also see how doing some conditioning for my legs would help. I was aware of the rule about stretching after exercise and not before...but I don't always do it.
comment How do I avoid calf and knee pain after a weekend of tennis?
I think I see your point. I normally play probably 3-6 hours per week, plus a couple of 30 minute workouts thrown in the mix. On one of those weekends I'd probably end up playing 6-10 hours in less than 60 hours.