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comment Moving from Machines to Dumbells
It depends on the person. Dumbbells use more muscles because you have to stabilize the weight through the lifting motion. This means that the difficulty will depend on how strong your stabilizing muscles are, as well as which ones you are using. I'd suggest starting at 50% weight.
comment What's a good intermediate/advanced squat routine?
Ahh... I saw Doc was doing a beginners program, the 'shaky' phrase, and he'd hit a plateau. Hence I gave advice for getting past a plateau and didn't mean that he should switch to SS. I didn't understand that he was looking for an intermediate program.
comment How to lose weight when morbidly obese
@evelyncook I've started changing my eating habits (harder than I thought it would be). I started a walking program, currently doing 1 mile/day. I'm going to start a weightlifting program (stronglifts 5x5) in the new year.
comment Cardio vs. Weight lifting. Which one is better for losing weight?
The link to the post on a fitness forum is now dead. It would be better to copy the contents here so it is still available
comment How to lose weight when morbidly obese
I definitely like the advice of doing a slow progression. I find going cold turkey works up until I falter on it a bit... and then I'm back to my old habits