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Top new questions this week:

Are my forearms too long for a Power Clean?

In "Starting Strength", Mark Rippentoe wrote that there are people who simply cannot rack the bar as required for a Power Clean due to an "abysmal anatomy". I am indeed having a hard time racking the ...

starting-strength anatomy power-cleans  
asked by Paul K 4 votes
answered by yttryrtyryt 2 votes

Jogging before eating vs. after eating?

I am going to change my daily night diet plan, from 1 hour running after dinner to 1.5 hours walking before dinner So which is better for the diet purpose? Does walking under ...

diet jogging  
asked by Jiu 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are squats with dumbbells as effective as squats with barbells?

I was wondering, if I were to use the same amount of weight with dumbbells as I would with a barbell while doing a squat, will I get the same benefits as I would using a barbell? Now I understand ...

weightlifting strength squats dumbbells barbell  
asked by usedToBeFat 17 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 20 votes

Barbell says 20kg on each side. Am I lifting 20 or 40kg?

I'm not sure what the make of the weights is but here is a google image of them in the gym. It's not clear but hopefully someone can recognise the make

weightlifting barbell  
asked by code511788465541441 21 votes
answered by Eric 31 votes

If you consume a lot of protein but don't exercise does it go to waste?

I recently had surgery and have been asked to avoid exercise for atleast 4 weeks. Before surgery I was doing moderate weight lifting and cardio several times a week and consuming 200 grams of protein ...

diet nutrition bodybuilding protein  
asked by JakeRow123 12 votes
answered by JohnP 12 votes

How much protein should I eat on off-days?

I'm aware that eating protein is important on the day of your weight lifting session. The most important time to eat protein is right after the session. But I've never heard advice on when to eat and ...

weightlifting protein  
asked by JoJo 29 votes
answered by Jeremy Likness 39 votes

Why are my ribs sore after doing push ups and sit ups?

My ribs are sore after doing push ups and sit ups. Why? Are there muscles in between my ribs? Could it be something else other than muscles that is sore, like tendons, etc?

push-ups muscle-soreness sit-ups soreness  
asked by Chris Morris 8 votes
answered by RecursivelyIronic 8 votes

Should I run everyday or alternate days and run longer?

I am just getting into doing cardio and there is one question where I see a lot of conflicting information on the internet. What is better for losing fat and general health (more endurance, etc.)? ...

running cardio running-training-plan getting-in-shape  
asked by leora 14 votes
answered by JohnP 10 votes

Proper ergonomics for a standing desk?

I am considering having one of my desks raised to standing height. There are detailed OSHA guidelines for example Are there similarly standard guidelines for how to set up a standing office work ...

posture skeleton  
asked by David LeBauer 11 votes
answered by Chris 7 votes
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