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Top new questions this week:

How to include a skill into your workout

I want to learn handstand and I think that I have the sufficient strength, so my main goal is to learn how to balance. The problem is that I don’t know how to include it to my workout, I can’t train 1-...

workout-routines bodyweight-exercises  
asked by Yassir 3 votes
answered by Justin Hehli 3 votes

Why do many people start the Snatch with a very upright torso?

As explained there in an excellent way, performing deadlifts with a too upright trunk (or, equivalently, with hips too low) is not optimal as it puts the shoulders behind the bar, instead of above the ...

weightlifting deadlifts olympic-weightlifting snatch  
asked by Kinka-Byo 2 votes

Should I lock my knees doing Leg Press?

When using a leg press machine for reps, what should the range of motion be? And specifically, should I lock out my knees or not?

weightlifting gym legs press  
asked by Mr. Boy 1 vote
answered by Dave Newton 2 votes

Pain after push ups and plank

I am feeling pain in my upper back after doing push ups and planks in a same day. Pain is there from last 2 days. I don't know what causes pain in my upper back. Is bad form cause pain or overdoing ...

push-ups back-pain planks  
asked by USer345738380 1 vote
answered by Uday 0 votes

Does hypertrophy work for people with bad genetics?

For someone with sh*t genetics, does it make sense to do isolation exercises Context, I can do 12 pull-ups, 30+ pushups, 100kg squat (1 rep max), 65 kg benchpress but quite skinny for 63 kg 5'3". ...

asked by nz_21 1 vote
answered by David Scarlett 6 votes

How can I do pull-ups in my apartment with thick door trim?

Pull-ups are probably my favorite exercise and I love doing them! However, I recently moved into a new apartment where my trusty old pull-up bar didn't work because the moulding/trim on every door in ...

pull-ups exercise-equipment home-exercise  
asked by Klaus Haukenstein 1 vote
answered by Eric Warburton 1 vote

What is the best 3day/week lifting routine to preserve muscle mass after doing 6day/week lifting for the past six months?

I have been lifting for the last six months. Doing 6-7days/week (chest/triceps/shoulders),(back/biceps),(legs) body split. I really like my progress and the muscle mass I have gained. However, due to ...

weightlifting lifting  
asked by MrDi 1 vote
answered by frifir 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I increase bicep width?

How can I increase bicep width? I am happy with my bicep peak, but I am having trouble increasing the width of my biceps. My arms look rather big from the side but when you look at them head on they ...

bodybuilding biceps  
asked by Jordan Carroll 12 votes
answered by trevoirwilliams 3 votes

Why does thick saliva form in your mouth after heavy exercise?

After (or during) heavy excercise (jogging, working out, etc.) I always start to get very thick, heavy saliva building up in my mouth which I really feel like spitting out. Why does this type of ...

asked by Jez 19 votes
answered by Joel B 11 votes

Tricks to lose weight in 48 hours

In the past 3 months I've lost 12.5kg/28 pounds doing it the "right" way: Regular exercise with regular small low-fat meals. I'm 178cm/5.84 feet and now weigh 73.5kg/162 pounds. The biggest ...

asked by Thomas Stock 27 votes
answered by Natalie Barnett 31 votes

My legs still ache 3-4 days after legs day

I have been working out for ~6 months and have worked my legs once per week throughout this time, on their own day. My legs, especially my quads, ache to the point of finding it hard to walk, ...

weightlifting workout recovery legs  
asked by Marty 28 votes
answered by Daniel 18 votes

What does each weight plate weigh in standard gym equipment?

At the gym, some of the equipment doesn't have the weight listed on the individual weight plates, just numbers. For example, the "Hoist Fitness Systems CL2403 seated leg press" just has numbers for ...

exercise-equipment weights  
asked by ErikE 7 votes
answered by BryceH 12 votes

Is it healthy to exercise a muscle when it's still sore?

Is it healthy or is it damaging to exercise a muscle while it's still sore from a previous workout?

weightlifting bodybuilding muscle-soreness doms  
asked by Samuel Andrew 132 votes
answered by Yevgeniy Brikman 130 votes

Cast iron plates seem heavier than rubber coated

It is strange but I noticed cast iron plates seem heavier than rubber coated plates. Weight plates in my gym are rubber coated. I have bought some weights for home workout. But the same weight feels ...

bodybuilding weights  
asked by varuog 5 votes
answered by DeeV 13 votes
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