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Top new questions this week:

Why are most novice programs limited to 3x/week when most novices want to train more?

I have less than 6 months of on and off training and I've decided to stick to a workout plan for good. I'm on the fatter side. I wanted to hit the gym 6 times per week and hit two body parts per day (...

weightlifting beginners novice  
asked by Aaryan Dewan 11 votes
answered by AnoE 7 votes

How "efficient" can someone be at doing cardio?

It's a common belief that doing cardio for weightloss loses its efficacy over time because that person becomes "efficient" at doing the cardio. As in, the cardio you do burns less over time ...

weight-loss cardio calories effort  
asked by DeeV 5 votes
answered by David Scarlett 1 vote

Is the Zercher hold bad for your elbows?

I'm a fan of the Zercher squat and have started learning Zercher variations of other movements. I've heard some negative comments on the Zercher variations by well-known trainers, mostly based on the ...

weightlifting powerlifting biomechanics  
asked by Alexander Gruber 4 votes
answered by Ace Cabbie 0 votes

Benefit of training a muscle at different lengths, the anatomy/bio mechanics theory and empirical evidence behind it

What is the benefit of training a muscle at different lengths portions - i.e. selecting an exercise that has higher resistance at a shorten position, other at a mid-range position, and other at a ...

asked by Ricardo Semião e Castro 3 votes
answered by David Scarlett 2 votes

Is the protein in gluten usable to the body

On average, most brands of protein powder contain around 70 to 80 grams of protein per 100g. Vital wheat gluten flour (which is 100% gluten) contains around 75g protein per 100g. On the surface, this ...

nutrition protein  
asked by F Chopin 2 votes

Calves Hypertrophy

I have been doing single leg calf raises every day for about 6 months now. Every set (per leg) is a drop set. I stop my calf workout when I cant do more than 3 per leg. My form is good, I am eating in ...

hypertrophy calf  
asked by Naman Kumar 2 votes
answered by Luciano 0 votes

Shoulder Mobility: Standing and Lying Dislocation Exercise Difference

Whats the difference between the Standing Stick shoulder mobility exercise, standing up and lying down? Do they exercise different muscle groups? Trying to understand the difference between doing the ...

exercise training flexibility back mobility  
asked by mattsmith5 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is difference between Yoga and Power Yoga?

How do you differentiate between Yoga and Power-Yoga? What are the key differences between them? How should one maintain intake of food before or after doing yoga? Can both types be done on the same ...

asked by harvardfail 2 votes
answered by Lauren 3 votes

Will wearing ankle weights all day long make any difference?

If I wore them when I'm not exercising, like if I wore them at work (I work in an office), or at home, all day, would it be like a passive form of exercise? To estimate how much I walk: I guess I ...

exercise walking  
asked by stickman 21 votes
answered by Ivo Flipse 17 votes

What is an ideal visceral fat percentage?

I had a review at my gym yesterday, and the trainer measured my body fat percentage, weight, height etc and exclaimed that, my body fat percentage needs improving (it is right now at 8%), he had never ...

asked by LocustHorde 3 votes
answered by RyanO 3 votes

How long should I wait to exercise after eating?

How long after eating should I wait to exercise, or does it not matter? I am mainly talking about cardio, not weightlifting. I am trying to lose weight, not gain it, and in large amounts.

exercise food metabolism eating-habits  
asked by jprete 17 votes
answered by Michael 11 votes

Tricks to lose weight in 48 hours

In the past 3 months I've lost 12.5kg/28 pounds doing it the "right" way: Regular exercise with regular small low-fat meals. I'm 178cm/5.84 feet and now weigh 73.5kg/162 pounds. The biggest ...

asked by Thomas Stock 27 votes
answered by Natalie Barnett 31 votes

is there any need to wear LANGOT(Loin Cloth) while doing gym workout

Here in India, lot of people doing workout in gym wear LANGOT(Loin Cloth or Drawers or Nappy), e.g. They say that if they don't wear it, they will suffer from Hernia. I have joined gym some days ...

exercise workout gym hernia  
asked by Shirish Herwade 5 votes
answered by android developer 9 votes

Why is muscle size not proportional to strength?

This guy claims that Olympic powerlifters working in the 1-6 rep range can increase strength without increasing muscle size. Trained Olympic ...

strength bodybuilding muscle powerlifting muscle-mass  
asked by JoJo 40 votes

Can you answer this question?

Hanging knee raise, lift with abs or with knees?

When I look up how to do hanging knee raises, almost all fitness sources say "lift your knees past 90 degrees to your chest", while a few rare ones say "use your abs to lift your knees&...

asked by Ace Cabbie 1 vote
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