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Is it healthy to exercise a muscle when it's still sore?

Is it healthy or is it damaging to exercise a muscle while it's still sore from a previous workout?

weightlifting bodybuilding muscle-soreness doms  
user avatar asked by Samuel Andrew Score of 135
user avatar answered by Yevgeniy Brikman Score of 131

Milk+honey helps gain weight?

I’m currently working on gaining weight to my body. I just want to know, adding honey to milk will helps for gaining weight or not? Some said, adding honey with hot milk and cold milk differs from ...

weight-gain food milk  
user avatar asked by Ronald Riju Score of 3
user avatar answered by R-Dub Score of 13

Is it okay to do workouts immediately after doing yoga?

Usually, I do yoga (pranayam and some asnas) around 1 hour and immediate after this I also do some set of workouts like leg raise, push ups, mountain climbers etc. Is that okay or should I have some ...

workout yoga  
user avatar asked by Himanshu Score of 3
user avatar answered by Kneel-Before-ZOD Score of 5

What is the effect of masturbation on weightlifitng ability?

For years I'm listening from everyone that we have to stop masturbation and also limit sex as it let down process of gaining muscle. Also everyone in gym suggests me to completely stop masturbation. ...

workout gym muscle-gain sex  
user avatar asked by Shirish Herwade Score of 28
user avatar answered by masonk Score of 26

How much do empty barbells weigh?

I have recently noticed that in my gym they have two different sizes of barbells. The difference between them is only in length, but not in diameter. the reason why I'm mentioning that is because I ...

user avatar asked by usedToBeFat Score of 5
user avatar answered by Berin Loritsch Score of 14

Should we exercise when our blood pressure is high?

I normally can control my blood pressure (120/80) by managing to have healthy life style, following my nutritionist's diet guide, enough rest/sleep, no stress and regular exercise. But this morning (...

exercise bodyweight-exercises  
user avatar asked by Arie Score of 7
user avatar answered by Berin Loritsch Score of 4

Sore after work out - can't straighten arm

I'm in good aerobic shape but never did strength training. Yesterday, I did some basic strength work, using both dumbbells and machines. Nothing too crazy - I started light and built my way up. I ...

strength stretching muscle-soreness aerobic strength-training  
user avatar asked by S. Robert James Score of 8
user avatar answered by mike Score of 5
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