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Top new questions this week:

Running - How to keep up with a 3 year old?

I am a 30 something male in moderate shape. Part of my running routine consists of letting my 3 year old loose on his bike and I run after him. He can currently reach top speeds of 17 km/h to 18 km/h ...

running children  
asked by Karlokick 5 votes
answered by BKE 1 vote

What should I be looking for in a (beginner's) running shoe?

Shops being closed presents a bit of a problem... I'm new to running, currently doing C25K and loving it so far. But I can already tell my shoes are not good for me. I'd like to buy a good value ...

running running-shoes  
asked by Phizzy 3 votes
answered by Ace Cabbie 1 vote

How to prepare for long distance walking for physical fitness test?

A job interview requires the male candidates to walk 26 kilometres within 4 hours as a test of Physical fitness. Quoted below is an excerpt from the guidelines: The First Phase Test for ...

endurance walking stamina  
asked by Madhurjya 3 votes
answered by POD 3 votes

Can running in hot-humid climate have dangerous health consequences with respect to age?

background info I've been running twice a week, ever since I was 17 years old (currently in my 30's). Running always takes place outside (never in a gym or an air-conditioned space). I run in most ...

training age heat-tolerance  
asked by somethingorange 2 votes
answered by POD 3 votes

Are the basic barbell lifts not enough for the "core"?

One viewpoint is that the basic barbell lifts train the "core" sufficiently. And indeed it seems reasonable that anyone who can squat and deadlift large weights have very strong core muscles. Dr. ...

strength back-pain core  
asked by Andy 2 votes
answered by POD 4 votes

How to do the Sphinx Pose for men

I just started practising yoga watching some videos from my home (because of the covid-19 situation). I was wondering how other men approach the sphinx pose and/or similar yoga poses where you have ...

injury-prevention yoga  
asked by airdish4 2 votes

How to choose a treadmill that will last a lifetime?

I bought a Precor Treadmill 9.31 in 2007. Simplicity, fun/techie looking, ease of use and its great cushioning were why I shelled out $3k for this thing and was happy to do so. As any treadmill ...

asked by Dan Csharpster 1 vote
answered by POD 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is muscle size not proportional to strength?

This guy claims that Olympic powerlifters working in the 1-6 rep range can increase strength without increasing muscle size. Trained Olympic ...

strength bodybuilding muscle powerlifting muscle-mass  
asked by JoJo 39 votes
answered by G__ 29 votes

Which activities increase flexibility?

Normally we look to stretching exercises, and then yoga as ways to increase flexibility. If you don't enjoy stretching and yoga, then increasing flexibility becomes a chore. What other activities are ...

asked by Jay Bazuzi 9 votes
answered by Yevgeniy Brikman 9 votes

Will wearing ankle weights all day long make any difference?

If I wore them when I'm not exercising, like if I wore them at work (I work in an office), or at home, all day, would it be like a passive form of exercise? To estimate how much I walk: I guess I ...

exercise walking  
asked by stickman 21 votes
answered by Ivo Flipse 16 votes

Why does standing for too long make knees sore?

I don't seem to get sore knees unless i stand still for extended periods of time. My knees are fine when I skateboard or do exercise though so it made me curious. EDIT: I skateboard for more than 4 ...

asked by trusktr 2 votes
answered by Lauren 5 votes

What does each weight plate weigh in standard gym equipment?

At the gym, some of the equipment doesn't have the weight listed on the individual weight plates, just numbers. For example, the "Hoist Fitness Systems CL2403 seated leg press" just has numbers for ...

exercise-equipment weights  
asked by ErikE 7 votes
answered by BryceH 12 votes

is there any need to wear LANGOT(Loin Cloth) while doing gym workout

Here in India, lot of people doing workout in gym wear LANGOT(Loin Cloth or Drawers or Nappy), e.g. They say that if they don't wear it, they will suffer from Hernia. I have joined gym some days ...

exercise workout gym hernia  
asked by Shirish Herwade 5 votes
answered by android developer 9 votes

What is the most effective way to improve a saggy belly?

I used to have a fairly flat stomach but I had a baby 4 months ago by c-section and my lower abdomen is quite saggy. What can I do to lose the extra weight there and get it taut?

exercise weight-loss muscle-recovery pregnancy  
asked by Christine 16 votes
answered by BackInShapeBuddy 17 votes

Can you answer this question?

How to prevent tiring forearms (medial antebrachial) when doing bicep curls

I'm trying to focus more on building my biceps (biceps brachii) on specific days (I'm not doing it every day. Other days I work on different muscle groups or just rest). However, I noticed that when ...

muscle-soreness upper-body-workout biceps forearm curls  
asked by Rey 1 vote
answered by POD 0 votes
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