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Top new questions this week:

Do I really need to track my carbs and fat if I'm hitting my daily calorie and protein numbers?

I have about a month of training experience and I'm currently on a cut (I consume 500 calories less than my TDEE). Since I'm aiming for body recomposition while maximizing my newbie gains. My daily ...

weight-loss nutrition muscle-gain protein carbohydrate  
asked by Aaryan Dewan 4 votes
answered by A-Developer-Has-No-Name 4 votes

How do I learn to control and improve awareness of my core?

I’ve been trying to regain awareness and control over my core since cancer treatment 4 years ago that involved several abdominal/pelvic surgeries. I’m struggling with basic core exercises like Pelvic ...

bodyweight-exercises abdominals core physical-therapy  
asked by Zozis 3 votes
answered by Ace Cabbie 0 votes

Would front squats involve lower traps?

I'm currently in need of strengthening my lower traps, but I also plan to be doing a lot of front squats (for a different reason). I'm sure front squats alone wouldn't be enough to strengthen my lower ...

squats legs back trapezius  
asked by Pel 2 votes
answered by Ace Cabbie 3 votes

Can you improve and lower your active heartrate during exercise

Are you able to improve your heartrate at an active state? I know athletes have a lower resting heart rate, but I am interested in my heart rate not spiking so high when I weightlift. I noticed my ...

weightlifting cardio heart-rate  
asked by Ace Cabbie 1 vote

Heavy kettlebell swing versus deadlift

Starting to see some guys working out with Russian swings used heavy dumbbells or self made kettlebells.. Guys be swinging around over 300 pounds for high reps. This looks like a really cool exercise ...

deadlifts kettlebell  
asked by Bes 1 vote
answered by Dave Liepmann 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a difference in doing 10 pushups per day for a year and doing 3,6K pushups in a day?

Is there a difference in doing 10 pushups per day for a year and doing 3650 pushups in a day? I guess the muscle is being stimulated the same, no mather when. Also the 10 pushups from 1 year ago ...

strength-training training overtraining trainability  
asked by Frezzley 5 votes
answered by Alec 29 votes

Will fat help you gain muscle?

If you are heavier you will be stronger wether this is by fat or by muscle I think we can all agree on that. (I'm not talking about overly fat because at that point it would probably not hold true due ...

bodybuilding muscle-gain fat  
asked by Sinan Samet 11 votes
answered by MJB 25 votes

How to get rid of nerve pinch in shoulder?

I've had a nerve pinch in my right shoulder for god knows how long. I'm unable to go through the full motion of wide grip pull ups or wide grip cable pulldowns with any moderate weights. Anyone have ...

stretching shoulders  
asked by Salsero69 4 votes
answered by BackInShapeBuddy 3 votes

How does the fitness flex define "active time"

It measures "very active time" in addition to steps, but I have no idea what that means. Assuming it's based on "lots of arm movement, does that mean that it'll pick up jogging, but not a stationary ...

asked by Jaydles 6 votes
answered by Ivo Flipse 4 votes

My legs still ache 3-4 days after legs day

I have been working out for ~6 months and have worked my legs once per week throughout this time, on their own day. My legs, especially my quads, ache to the point of finding it hard to walk, ...

weightlifting workout recovery legs  
asked by Marty 28 votes
answered by Daniel 18 votes

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Natural vs the usual grip

What is the difference? Does it target different muscles? It seems to me a bit more natural for my shoulders if I change the usual grip (open grip with palms out) and do a natural grip in my shoulder ...

dumbbells shoulders grip  
asked by Mephisto 8 votes

Are squats with dumbbells as effective as squats with barbells?

I was wondering, if I were to use the same amount of weight with dumbbells as I would with a barbell while doing a squat, will I get the same benefits as I would using a barbell? Now I understand ...

weightlifting strength squats dumbbells barbell  
asked by usedToBeFat 17 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 20 votes
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