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Top new questions this week:

Confusion about reps vs time under tension: aren't these two things contradictory?

So I was reading about hypertrophy, and heard that the optimal "time under tension" is about 45-60 seconds. Elsewhere, I read that the optimal rep range for hypertrophy is 8-12 sets. These ...

asked by Figoe 4 votes
answered by David Scarlett 12 votes

How to evaluate stationary bicycle resistance

I would like to understand how to evaluate the resistance range of a stationary bicycle before buying online, as I have maxed out the resistance on my current one. All of the bicycles I see online ...

cardio exercise-equipment home-exercise resistance  
asked by user34663 2 votes

What is the optimal length and amount of sessions per week for optimal muscle gain?

For maximum muscle gain, one is recommended to do 3-5 sets 8-12 reps, the less reps the more strength training it becomes. Now in regard to the number of sessions per week and the length of sessions I ...

weightlifting muscle bodybuilding training reps  
asked by Matas Vaitkevicius 1 vote
answered by user34680 1 vote

Why and how does fat also make you stronger?

If a 200 pounds man gains an additional 50 pounds of fat he will be stronger than before. Why is that? How does fat contribute to lifting stuff?

muscle strength fat  
asked by code_life 1 vote
answered by DeeV 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Should we exercise when our blood pressure is high?

I normally can control my blood pressure (120/80) by managing to have healthy life style, following my nutritionist's diet guide, enough rest/sleep, no stress and regular exercise. But this morning (...

exercise bodyweight-exercises  
asked by Arie 8 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 5 votes

Uneven chest after pushups

This happened last year that when I used to do pushups, I realized my chest got uneven, and its more than just a bit but still only noticeable to me. I do wrist pushups properly but don't understand ...

push-ups chest  
asked by Ashfame 6 votes
answered by Shane 9 votes

Persistent mild knee pain due to squats - push through or stop?

Over the last 2 months or so of doing heavy squats (200 lbs - 262 lbs) I've frequently had pain in my knees. During the last 2 weeks, it's been especially persistent and seems to be mostly in my left ...

squats pain knees  
asked by Joshua Carmody 24 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 15 votes

Why is muscle size not proportional to strength?

This guy claims that Olympic powerlifters working in the 1-6 rep range can increase strength without increasing muscle size. Trained Olympic ...

strength bodybuilding muscle powerlifting muscle-mass  
asked by JoJo 40 votes

If "bro splits" don't work, why is literally every muscular guy in my gym doing them?

Surely they must be doing something right then? I keep hearing internet people criticize the "bro splits" (programs where you train each muscle group on its own dedicated day of the week), ...

asked by Jem 15 votes
answered by DeeV 24 votes

How long does it take lungs to recover after quitting smoking

I have smoked on and off since I was 14. I just turned 27 in July. I have smoked a mix of tobacco and other stuff. I averaged about 15 packs a week. I currently cycle roughly 100 miles a week. I'...

asked by will 19 votes
answered by JohnP 24 votes

How should I do push up to get better chest?

I was told push-ups are good for the chest. I tried some and don't quite feel it in my chest, the force is on my hands. How should I do it to focus on the chest?

asked by lamwaiman1988 23 votes
answered by Arie 18 votes
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