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Top new questions this week:

Is spot reduction necessarily a myth?

I have always known this to be a fact that spot reduction is a myth, but this article tends to claim otherwise. Here is a point, I'd like to highlight from the article: Theoretically, we have a ...

weight-loss bodyweight-exercises body-fat  
asked by Janus Boffin 5 votes

Should I bench press without an arch during training?

I currently barbell bench press twice a week; a 1x5 on Tuesday and a 5x5 on Friday. On each of these days, I perform all of my reps with a powerlifting style bench press setup: back arch and leg drive ...

bench-press powerlifting  
asked by C. Lange 4 votes

Are there studies on the number of sets that should be performed per exercise?

It's now well established that the number of hard sets correlates well with hypertrophy. Are there any studies that investigate how a given number of sets should be distributed among different ...

muscle strength-training hypertrophy  
asked by jak 4 votes
answered by FenryrMKIII 0 votes

Does Wilks score favour heavier lifters?

I've discovered that there's something called a Wilks score used to compare lifting results for different weight classes and I went ahead and started testing it using values obtained from Male ...

weightlifting strength powerlifting  
asked by Presto 3 votes
answered by C. Lange 0 votes

Reliable way to know what muscles are hit during each exercise?

I have installed many apps and searched the web, however, I can't find reliable information about which muscles are hit during each exercise. Some apps claim that exercises like pullovers hit only ...

asked by Zheer 3 votes
answered by David Scarlett 8 votes

I bought strength bands from Decathlon but I don't know how to use them

How can I use them to supply my grip at deadlift or pull-ups? They are very different than ...

exercise-equipment equipment  
asked by JarsOfJam-Scheduler 2 votes
answered by C. Lange 3 votes

Getting great results with simple calorie cutting - how long can I expect it to last?

I started at 6'3" 333 a little over a week ago, a BMI of 40.9. Definitely not great. A BMR calculator has my maintenance level for that height/weight at around 2700. I started religiously journaling ...

weight-loss nutrition  
asked by Mikey T.K. 2 votes
answered by JustSnilloc 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Lots of phlegm while doing cardio workouts

EDIT: 12/2019 Since this question still occasionally gets hits: In the years since I asked this question I found out that I have sleep apnea. I also learned about the effects of mouth breathing ...

running cardio swimming bicycling  
asked by asm 14 votes
answered by Ryan Miller 9 votes

Ensuring the body burns fat instead of muscle?

When exercising, our bodies take energy from our blood sugar, then uses glycogen as a source for energy, and finally burns fat or muscle when the glycogen is used up. A nutritionist told me that ...

muscle fat energy  
asked by Matheus 34 votes
answered by posdef 24 votes

Why does one person have lots of stamina and another doesn't?

I'm a bit of a couch potato with a sedentary job, who normally gets out of breath walking up a few flights of stairs. I recently walked up Snowdon in North Wales (10 mile round trip, 1100m summit, ...

running health long-distance-running stamina heart  
asked by Andrew Stephens 28 votes
answered by JohnP 42 votes

Is it possible to learn to swimming without trainer, alone?

I learn to swim and I have a common swimming pool in my apartment. But we don't have any trainer and I can't afford personal trainer. I don't know swimming but want to learn. Can i learn without any ...

training swimming personal-training  
asked by Jitendra Vyas 12 votes
answered by Ivo Flipse 14 votes

How can I increase bicep width?

How can I increase bicep width? I am happy with my bicep peak, but I am having trouble increasing the width of my biceps. My arms look rather big from the side but when you look at them head on they ...

bodybuilding biceps  
asked by Jordan Carroll 12 votes
answered by trevoirwilliams 3 votes

How many Burpees do I have to do per day to lose a lot of fat fast?

I hate exercise, I find it excruciatingly boring. But I am overweight and need to lose fat fast. The main reason why I find it boring is because it takes too long and I don't like doing a a variety of ...

exercise weight-loss cardio workout-routines high-intensity  
asked by JakeRow123 4 votes
answered by FredrikD 10 votes

When is the best time of day to accurately weigh yourself?

When I weight myself often, I realize that I fluctuate a couple pounds here and there. I can never seem to get an accurate reading that I can compare to another. Is there a time of day which you are ...

bodyweight body-measurements  
asked by n0pe 27 votes
answered by Nathan Wheeler 21 votes

Can you answer this question?

Free app to write reps, weighs, sets and see progression?

This app should handle this case: My first squat set is 7 reps failure at 120kg, then 10s rest pause, then 2 reps failure at 120kg then 10s rest pause, then 9 reps failure at 100kg,then 10s rest ...

bodybuilding weight-gain  
asked by JarsOfJam-Scheduler 1 vote
answered by FenryrMKIII 0 votes
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