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Top new questions this week:

Most effective bodyweight exercises?

There are so many bodyweight workouts and exercises on the internet. I have always wondered which bodyweight exercises are the most effective. I'm trying to create my own bodyweight workout for the ...

strength-training bodyweight athletic-performance  
asked by Nicolas 5 votes
answered by Liiuc 6 votes

How to maximize benefits when doing regular fasting?

Because of religious stuff I'll be fasting from around 5 AM to 8 PM meaning 15 hour a day for a whole month, I was thinking I should use this to lose some weight (85 kg, 177 cm) and specially belly ...

exercise weight-loss diet  
asked by Ali Ahmadi 3 votes
answered by Eric Warburton 3 votes

Are there hidden units in the Pandolf equation?

I've been reading up on several fitness areas and rucking caught my attention. I stumbled across the Pandolf equation for how many calories you burn, which is as follows (link to site where I found ...

asked by Albert Rothman 2 votes
answered by Thomas Markov 4 votes

Core exercise for Planche

I have been into bodyweight/calisthenichs training for 1 year now. After working on basic exercises (+30 pull ups/+40 dips/50 pushups/10ish handstand pushups to wall), I decided to start training for ...

bodyweight-exercises abdominals bodyweight calisthenics core  
asked by Liiuc 1 vote
answered by David Scarlett 3 votes

Which is the role of the chest in push-ups?

As simple as it may be, I find it so difficult to understand which is the chest role in a push-up (and so I don't have the proper mind-muscle connection on how activate my chest). Chest, as said here, ...

workout bodybuilding bodyweight-exercises push-ups chest  
asked by Kinka-Byo 1 vote
answered by Alec 2 votes

Which is the proper final position in squat?

I struggle with understanding which is the proper final position of squat. Here this position is proposed: It's written that it's crucial to: lock the knees (i.e. having straight legs) lock the hips ...

weightlifting workout bodybuilding squats hip  
asked by Kinka-Byo 1 vote
answered by David Scarlett 3 votes

How should I calculate my pace for the popular distances?

Two weeks ago I finished a 10k race in 52:31. Now I want to try Half Marathon under 2 hours. For that I plan to follow this training plan:

running-training-plan half-marathon  
asked by bob 1 vote
answered by LShaver 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why aren't stiff legged deadlifts bad for your back?

It seems to me they go against everything safe about lifting! Lifting with your lower back and not your legs. Image source Anyone have any thoughts on the safety and science behind them?

strength deadlifts freeweights barbell  
asked by Moz 18 votes
answered by Jeff Dalley 19 votes

I am underweight. How do I gain weight and muscle?

I am a man in my twenties. Although I am 5 feet 6 inches tall, I weigh only 100 pounds. I want to gain weight as soon as possible. How do I gain weight and muscle as fast as possible?

bodybuilding weight-gain  
asked by Mrinal Baruah 92 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 129 votes

When is the best time of day to accurately weigh yourself?

When I weight myself often, I realize that I fluctuate a couple pounds here and there. I can never seem to get an accurate reading that I can compare to another. Is there a time of day which you are ...

bodyweight body-measurements  
asked by n0pe 27 votes
answered by Nathan Wheeler 21 votes

What happens when you tend to lay in bed all day?

My father is over 60 years old and now retired due to problems with his eyesight (amblyopia, glaucoma, cataract). Other than that he's always been fairly healthy and active. However I am concerned ...

asked by Pranasas 7 votes
answered by Ellocomotive 10 votes

BCAA together with whey protein

I've recently bought BCAA powder, monohydrate creatine and whey protein, and I'm wondering if I'm able to take BCAA together with the whey protein or creatine? I've heard from people you should take ...

protein supplements bcaa  
asked by Anton 9 votes
answered by Ron 7 votes

Why does thick saliva form in your mouth after heavy exercise?

After (or during) heavy excercise (jogging, working out, etc.) I always start to get very thick, heavy saliva building up in my mouth which I really feel like spitting out. Why does this type of ...

asked by Jez 19 votes
answered by Joel B 11 votes

Persistent mild knee pain due to squats - push through or stop?

Over the last 2 months or so of doing heavy squats (200 lbs - 262 lbs) I've frequently had pain in my knees. During the last 2 weeks, it's been especially persistent and seems to be mostly in my left ...

squats pain knees  
asked by Joshua Carmody 25 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 15 votes
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