Once in a week I make a 2.5 hours walk that in the middle of it there is a few hundred steps up.

A friend of mine (that has nothing to do with fitness) just told me recently that upclimbing steps is harmful for your heart. Is that true?

P.S. I have no history of health issues.

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    could you tell us more about yourself? How old are you? Do you have a history of high blood pressure? Has a doctor told you to avoid stairs? Do your knees hurt when you climb them? Fit individuals would probably have no problem handling going up a few hundred steps, someone with a history of medical problems may, its not possible to give a single answer that covers everybody. – DavidR Jun 20 '13 at 1:18
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I had a look and was not able to find any evidence of harm from stair climbing. On the contrary, stair climbing is positively correlated with good heart health in previously sedentary women and post-college males.

Unless you are at risk of heart issues, moderate stair climbing is no more dangerous than other activities.

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Climbing steps will raise the heart rate more than walking. Generally, that is a good thing; you get more of a workout, burn more calories, and improve your aerobic fitness.

If you are generally good help, the more stairs the better.


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