There are a few exercises in the Ab Ripper X workout that cause a pop in my hip on each rep:

In & Out - on extending/straightening

Fifer Scissor - on switching legs

Are there stretches or proper forms to do to prevent this popping? It doesn't cause pain, but it is very uncomfortable and it distracts from the workout.

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Most likely it is something called "snapping hip syndrome." The wiki article doesn't provide any ground-breaking info, but it's a good overview of the condition. If it starts causing you pain, see a doctor. I get this with my left hip when I do side kicks. I just learned to live with it.

  • This would happen to me when I did sit-ups, which I stopped doing some time back when I learned how NG they are... but now it happens when I do the dead bug, although only when I stretch out my right leg, not my left.
    – Michael
    Jun 16 at 17:33

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