Im a little unsure about one thing. After the weightlifting, should I have only meal or both the meal and shake?

My shake is: 30gram protein and 227 cals.
My meal is around: 500 cals, 32 gram protein and half avocado + 1 glass milk or water. I eat 5 meals per day. 500 cals each.

Am I not wasting if I intake both of them?

  • Are you trying to gain weight, lose weight, maintain, what? Sep 14, 2013 at 21:35

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It depends.

Are you getting enough protein from your meals? If not, drink the protein shake. Personally, since I need to get about 190g of protein each day I typically have a post workout shake along with any meals I need to eat in order to maintain my daily calories/macros.

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