I have just read an article in bodybuilding.com about a balanced shoulder workout to build shoulder muscles in a healthy and safe way. Here is the link: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/the-science-of-shoulder-training-shoulder-workouts.html

The workout consists of four exercises,

  1. Shoulder press
  2. Bend over laterals
  3. Cuff Dribbles
  4. PNF D2 Flexion

Now I want to try this workout (at home) to get a balanced, healty program, but I don't have a medicine ball, and even if I had one I cannot dribble it against the wall. So what are alternatives for the Cuff dribbler exercise in this workout to get a similar balanced shoulder workout? The exercise can use dumbbells or resistance bands as equipment.


I would do internal and external rotation exercises with a resistance band.

For internal - Fix a band around a fixed point. Start side on to band. With arm closest to band, fix elbow into waist. Take hand/forearm across body and back, keeping elbow at 90 degrees.

External rotation - again fix band. With arm furtherest from band. Start with elbow fixed to waist and across stomach. Stretch resistant band, keeping elbow at 90 degrees and into elbow.

There is a YouTube example here. I have only watched first 2 exercises mentioned here, so can't comment on the rest of the clip.



P90X and Insanity both have some moves for working the shoulder muscles. I don't know the names but I can describe the moves. They can be completed without any additional weight (add weights at your own risk).

Exercise 1

You spread your arms in a wing-like position. You then rotate the shoulders forward for about 30 seconds; repeat the rotation in a backward movement. You then repeat the forward motion while increasing the diameter of the rotation. Repeat the same using the backward rotation.

Exercise 2

From the wing-like position in Exercise 1, bring your arms together so that they clap each other above your head. Then, return to the initial position. Repeat for about a minute. Then, from the initial position, bring the arms together in front of your chest. Then, return to the initial position. Repeat for about 30 seconds.

Exercise 3

This works both the shoulders and thighs. Hold an imaginary basketball. Squat for a second and then jump as if you're shooting the ball into a net. Your arms should be extended when throwing the ball (if the movement is confusing, watch a basketball game on Youtube).

There are probably other shoulder exercises out there, but those are the main ones I know and use (apart from body-weight exercises).

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