I can run a 10K in 50 minutes if I try hard but I typically run it in one hour. I used to run a 10K each morning. I haven't tried to go farther than 10K.

I am planning to compete in a 10K after 2 months of training. Given my current time, I'm wondering how to improve speed.

I feel like I should run a 10k everyday for the next 60 - 65 days without any break, but then take 2 or 3 days break before the race. I do a little cycling also but I'm not sure if that helps. Also, should I try increasing my distance up to 20k or so?

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A general rule of running is to gradually increase your miles by no more than 10% per week. So a 10 mile week can turn into an 11 mile week. There are a lot of marathon training calendars you can find online that will give you the day-by-day schedule. Often these require shorter (and faster) days on Monday and Wednesday, with a longer and slower run (aimed for distance) on Saturday.

One thing I'd really ask yourself is: What Are Your Expectations For Your Marathon?

Are you trying to:

  • Simply complete it?
  • Complete it without stopping?
  • Put in a < 4 Hour time?
  • Qualify for some higher level event (Boston Martahon, etc)?

These create very different training requirements. I know several people who've simply shown up, rather out of shape, and "finished" a marathon. The closer you get to wanting to put in an aggressive time, the harder you will train. And honestly, training to be competitive at marathon running is very time intensive. Your life will revolve around your training for months.

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