Right now, I'm currently doing light exercises every other day, and I am following the Paleo Diet.

By light exercises, I mean :

  • 10 pushups
  • 15 squats
  • 15 arm lifts
  • Repeat for 3 sets

In the months that I have practiced this, I have seen the overall difference. However, right now, I think I've plateaued.

What should I do to maintain my overall weight, while losing body fat?

I believe my current weight (around 67kg?) is optimal already for my height (5'10"), so I'm pushing to maintain it while reducing my body fat.

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Personally I wouldn't sweat your body weight. You'll find most muscular people will end up on the "obese" side of a basic BMI chart. Muscle weighs a lot more than fat:

enter image description here

I'd make these adjustments:

That would break your plateau, address your body fat, and put you on a solid path to strength and fitness.

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