I am trying to understand the reason for the angle in plie/sumo squat:

enter image description here

where I think I get more angle than the girl here.

What can cause the angle in sumo squat? Is it due to poor hips flexibility and/or groins flexibility?


I found plie squat kind of deceiving because watching someone do it from the front makes it looks like their legs are near 180, but every instruction I found online has you put your feet out at 45-degree angles. I'm not sure it's necessary to do more even if you can.

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    Yeah that is a good point but I mean the angle in the back (not squared angle between feet). The other is bending down while the other more straight. I cannot do the right one totally like that -- actually excellent point! I did the plie squat with over squared feet in 180 degree that is totally crazy flexibility! Solved!
    – hhh
    Dec 29 '14 at 9:04

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