so I'm asking this because I'm out jogging every other day on a hill near my house, but to get to the hill I walk about 30 minutes and I try to walk fast (to go home I walk another 30 minutes), so I was wondering if I really need to stretch my legs considering all the time that I walk before and after jogging.

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You should look at what stretching accomplishes for you, to see whether your walk home will address it. Some notes from a Mayo Clinic article:

Studies about the benefits of stretching have had mixed results. Some show that stretching helps. Other studies show that stretching before or after exercise has little if any benefit and doesn't reduce muscle soreness after exercise. Studies have shown that static stretching performed immediately before a sprint event may decrease performance to a small degree.

And regarding mixed results, here's a dynamic warm up stretching study that saw pretty good results. This approach was using the now maligned concept of stretching before physical training.

Wrestlers completing the 4-week DWU [Dynamic Stretching Warmup] intervention had several performance improvements, including increases in quadriceps peak torque (11%), broad jump (4%), underhand medicine ball throw (4%), sit-ups (11%), and push-ups (3%). A decrease in the average time to completion of the 300-yd shuttle (-2%) and the 600-m run (-2.4%) was suggestive of enhanced muscular strength, endurance, agility, and anaerobic capacity in the DWU group. ... The findings suggest that incorporation of this specific 4-week DWU intervention into the daily preseason training regimen of wrestlers produced longer-term or sustained power, strength, muscular endurance, anaerobic capacity, and agility performance enhancements.

So personally, I'd vote to stretch after you get home from your walk/run/walk. You'll be nice and warm, and it will feel great. If you find it boring, incorporate some foam rolling or yoga in as well.

I don't think you need to stretch, and I don't think anyone can point to literature that says you absolutely have to. So don't fret it if you can't, but try to work it in.


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