The below list is not exactly how I usually eat but approximately correct. Furthermore, I've used calories calculator to check their calories just to help you give me better recommendation. In addition, I've included my body detail below.

It is how I ate today, and I generally eat like this everyday. Breakfast Chicken breast, 2 big pieces: 300 Brown Rice, 1 cup : 220 some vegies: 20

Lunch Low Fat Greek Yogurt: 80 Chicken breast, 2 big pieces: 300 Instant Noodles, 1/2 package: 200

Dinner Brown Rice: 220 Garden Vegie Soup: 80

Snacks: Whey protein, 1 scoop: 100kcal Mandarine, large: 80 kcal

conclusion cals: 1500 +- 100 protein: 188g carb: not sure.

Body detail weight: 74KG height: 177cm

workouts (4 days a week) weight lifting: 1.5 hour cardio: 0.5 hour (stepper)

Am I eating correctly? I want to lose weight (also gain muscles) but it seems like I'm gaining weight and I'm not sure whether I am gaining muscles or not. By the way, it's been only a week since I have started eating this way and working out. Are there any manipulation done in my meal or workout plan? Do I need to eat more calories than this?

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Well it seems like you already answered your own question. You're gaining weight so that's good, so the obvious question is are you gaining fat? if yes cut down a little if not then see how it goes over the next couple of weeks.

I would advise buying Franco Columbu Body building nutrition or Winning Bodybuilding, they have all you need to know about eating right.

Here's a sample diet from his book for non-competitive bodybuilder training 1-2 hours, 3-6 times per week.

Breakfast: 3 eggs 1 slice bread 1 serving fruit Water / coffee

Lunch: 1/2 Chicken 1 baked potato 1 slice bread 1 glass beer


Steak Small serving of spaghetti Small glass of wine


Chicken Brown Rice Vegetables 1 Slice Bread 1 Glass of beer

Snacks Fruit, nuts, seeds

Dinner Fish Vegetables Large Salad glass of water

Tip: don't eat carbs late on because less food gets absorbed later in the day

Only you can know what's right for you as we are all very different but it's a good starting point, I can't stress enough though if you're serious buy a book written by a pro.

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