In Korea, there are many outdoor exercise machines in public places. This kind of machine is a particularly common one. Is this effectove as a post-run hamstring stretch? It feels good, but it is quite a fast, short-lived motion, unlike most other stretches such as a toe touch. Considering this is post run, maybe my muscles can take it as they've been warmed up.Korean exercise machine

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The machine you show is actually another type of elliptical trainer typically meant for light exercise or cardio work. I would suggest you look at performing some active stretching following a specific program for the hamstrings. For example, following a program designed for the target muscle. You may also want to search the ExRx site for stretches.

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    It isn't an elliptical trainer. At least, not in the traditional sense. Instead of simulating running, walking or climbing, it is used to recreate a swinging motion. Where you basically kick one leg in front of you, while the other is kicked behind. It stretches your calf muscles in a very similar way to a toe touch would do - unlike any elliptical machine I have ever been on (but maybe my definition of 'elliptical machine' is too narrow). Commented May 7, 2015 at 3:49

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