I've been recovering from a knee injury for the past few months that I got playing football (soccer). Initially, when my knee was too sore to run properly, I started using the elliptical machine to stay fit. Gradually increasing the resistance, after a few months I was running on the highest resistance setting for 30 mins, and had built up quite a bit of muscle on my legs. My knee was feeling a lot better, so I started playing football again. When I play I feel fine for the first 20-30 mins, but after that my knees (and legs in general) feel weak, and tire easily. When I run on the elliptical machine on full resistance it's hard work, but is it having a negative impact on me playing football? Would I be better off running on the road? I understand that elliptical machines are easier in the joints, are my knees unused to strenuous activity and so when I run on a harder surface they become strained?

  • I think you're not using to running. Great work on the rehab, but you can't walk straight from the elliptical to the field. My vote would be to get some running going on. – Eric May 13 '15 at 22:19
  • Soccer isn't just about running. It's also about jumping, kicking, tackling, etc. You'll build resistance in due time. Just keep at it. – Kneel-Before-ZOD Aug 10 '15 at 14:38

Although elliptical machine can simulate running, it is very different than actual running. It's really good to recover from an injury and a great way to get the legs back in shape but to be able to run, you have to start running. In my opinion, you can try the couch-potato to 5K run since it's easy and builds your running abilities quite fast. And everything should be done while being in supervision of an appropriate medical treatment.

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