Yesterday I walked one day one shoes a bit tight near the heel. In fact I felt this from the start of the day. My little brother developed Haglund exostosis once. Is it possible to develop a Haglund's deformity after only one day of bad shoes?

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Haglund's deformity is mainly genetic and depends on your type of foot. As your brother has already had this, I suspect you might have the same type of foot and therefore have a higher risk of getting the deformity that others. Also, it's

When most people first notice Haglund’s deformity, it is because the skin, bursa and other soft tissues at the back of the heel gets irritated as the knot of bone rubs against the heel counter in shoes

You might have had a latent Haglund's deformity, but haven't noticed it until you used bad shoes.

I would strongly advice you to visit a professional, and not rely on "internet experts" for this. The price you have to pay for following a bad advice here is too high to risk it.

However, once the pain and inflammation have gone a way, there are preventive measures you can take: Prevention of Haglund's Deformity Once your pain and inflammation is gone, you can try to prevent Haglund’s deformity by [1]:

  • Wearing the best shoes for your foot type. You should high-heels and pumps if possible.
  • Wear orthotics (custom arch supports) or over-the-counter orthotic devices
  • Perform frequent Achilles tendon stretching exercises to prevent it from becoming tight again
  • Avoiding running uphill when training. Try to run on softer surfaces and avoid concrete.

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