I have a leg pain just above knee (not knee pain), this happened after I pushed hard on bench press machine only my right and now I have right leg pain. is This normal or something like DVT?

pain is at two sides; I am sitting and looking my leg, at bottom left corner and right surface just near knee.

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    I voted to close as I think this should be taken to a doctor.
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    after watching dr.house's clinic mocking, I am picky on going doctors ^^
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    May 26 '15 at 12:35
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If you take a look at some basic anatomy charts, you'll see that's right where the rectus femoris muscle and tendon attach. If the pain is mild, you're probably just a bit strained. Pull back a bit, do exercises that don't cause that area to hurt for a week or two, and see if it feels better. If the pain is sharp, or it's not getting better, see a doctor.

Image from Wikipedia

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