Height6'1" weight 56kg age 18and 1/2 i am too skiny in relate of my age i want to gain weight and want to make muscles but don't know how can you please tell me the proper diet or nutrients to do that work


To gain weight you need to eat more than you usually do (caloric surplus). Hence, first off, you need to calculate your TDEE. Add your TDEE + 500 calories and you will be in a caloric surplus. For your protein intake, 1g per pound of bodyweight should suffice, as for your fat intake, 0.5g ~ 0.6g per pound of bodyweight and fill up the rest with carbs, vitamins and minerals.

Next pick either strength training :-

Stronglift 5x5

ICF 5x5

SS (The Original Starting Strength Novice Program)

Or some calisthenics :-

Baristi Beginners Workout

Buff Dude's Punisher Prison BW Workout

---> Can't do one arm push ups? Just do close grip / normal push ups

---> Can't do handstand press? Do pike push ups

---> Can't do L-Sits? Do planks or hanging leg raises, follow the set and seconds provided

Fortress Beginners Routine

---> Can't do pull ups? Do a negative pull ups or incline pull ups

---> Can't do a pistol squat? Do your normal squats

---> Can't do handstand hold? Do pike push ups

Lastly, you may want to play around with your calorie intake since most calculator provide a rough estimation. You should use a weighing scale and a mirror (taking pictures also helps) to gauge your progress. Don't expect a huge difference in just a few months. If you don't intend to track your macros, that is also fine so long you are eating more than usual.

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