My problem is tight or rather too stretched hamstrings, so i'm trying to solve this problem. Hamstring stretches make me feel unstable so i think they are tight already. I HAVE A KNOT LEFT LOWER BACK FROM PAST INJURY, but no real pain.

I've been making alot of progress with my lordosis/anterior knee pain after doing various exercises.

So basically i now have decent external hip rotation, but seing as i have never done any stretches for gaining internal rotation, i think i may be tight there.

So i have one simple question : Will a stretch like the Lying knee to knee stretch, give me some hamstring length? (or at least not hurt my lordosis/APT condition)

Plus any other advice for gaining some hamstring length and stride much appreciated!

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If you're really tight, the lying knee to knee stretch will get felt in your hamstrings as well. So if you need more flexibility in that area, you'll get it, although it's not really a "hamstring stretch" in the purest sense.

I answered a similar question a few weeks ago, and would recommend reading that one as well, particularly the single leg deadlift part.

It's worth pointing out that most of the internal hip rotation is done via the glutes and tensor fasciae latae. I'd be very concerned about overdoing isolation work in the hips: it's not an area you want to create imbalances (like what you currently have). As an assistance exercise in concert with more balanced strength training, it's fine.

If I wanted to build up strength in internal hip rotation, I would as such focus on strengthening my posterior chain through a full range of motion. This will stretch and strengthen you in a healthy and balanced way.

  • Deadlifts. Hard to beat, focus on internally rotating your hips, especially in the last half of the lift, to really activate those glutes.
  • Single leg deadlift. Terrific for identifying imbalances and forcing you to... balance.
  • Lying clams (with bands) frequently as they engage a lot of the hips and don't fry you for other things.
  • The band-at-toes-level sumo and monster walk.
  • I keep feeling like this answer has external and internal rotation mixed up. My thighs rotate outward when I squeeze my glute max in the deadlift and spin the floor, and I think of reverse clams as being the inward rotators.
    – Noumenon
    Commented Sep 5, 2015 at 0:44

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