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basically, I want to take a week or more off work, to weightlift everyday, and increase my lifts as much as I can. Even during work days, I squat in the morning and in the evening minimum, so I'm not really so worried about the intensity and I don't really want to go on holiday.

I can't really find a decent weightlifting camp around in the UK, or one that doesn't cost so much.

What are some opinions on what I could do? or what you may think on what I want to do.

If anyone does know of any weight lifting training camps around in the UK please post.

much appreciated on any comments.

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I'm going to stop you in two places. First, this line:

I want to take a week or more off work, to weightlift everyday, and increase my lifts as much as I can.

At maximum, and this is if you're on a great program, you'll gain 4%, tops. If you're an intermediate lifter (which I'm guessing your not just yet), you'll gain maybe 3%, tops.

I squat in the morning and in the evening minimum...

Unless you're a very high level Olympic lifter, I don't think there is any training program that would advise a schedule like that. The only reason Olympic lifters can do that is because they're not doing maximum strength effort on technical lifts during multi-sessions-per-day.

Since you said you're in the UK, and want to get strong, I would recommend these steps for you:

  1. Contact the Great Britain Powerlifting Association. Under "organisation" you'll find links to area coaches and gyms. Email them and explain your training history (be 100% honest), your goals, and the time you can allow.

  2. If you get a qualified coach (from the link above, someone who can point to high level athletes they've trained, not some guy at the big box gym with a polo), follow what they tell you. If you decide to pave your own road in the beginning, which plenty of people do, make sure you pick a proven strength training program.

An old coach of mine explained athletics like filling up a bathtub, one teaspoon at a time. Each training and rest day matters, but more so the cumulative nature of doing it for months and years is what separates weekend warriors from amateur and professional athletes.

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    I will treasure that advice your coach gave you. Thank you for this answer Jul 25, 2015 at 8:09
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