I have no time to go to the gym, my house is very small to buy large gym equipments and all I can buy is a set of dumbbells. I have only one hour per day to train. Currently I'm 79 KGs and I want to lose weight and build muscles. I don't wanna be a bodybuilder or something, but to have a great looking body, or in other words skinny-ripped.

Can you please recommend a set of exercises/workout using only dumbbells that train all of my muscles (and also allow me to gain muscles) so I can achieve my goal? Is this even possible without those large equipments?

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  • While this might seem off-topic, I will still advocate joining a gym, the key reason being for motivation purposes. You can certainly become ripped at home, but if you're like most people, your enthusiasm will dwindle with time. There's no higher motivation for exercising in a gym when you see a small girl lifting higher weights than you are Or when you see people ripped than you, some ripped as you, and some worse than you. And depending on where you live, you can find fantastic gyms whose 3 months subscription is lower than the cost of a single dumbbell :) Commented Aug 31, 2015 at 12:17
  • Those answers in the "duplicate" are junk and it's specifically about hypertrophy, which the question here specifically states I don't wanna be a bodybuilder .
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Regarding fat loss, I'll point you towards some info on how "abs are made in the kitchen" (ie: diet is the biggest factor) and strength training is superior to cardio for fat loss.

You're not going to be able to use one of the truly kick ass strength training programs because they are all about barbells, primarily because of the compound nature.

What I would actually recommend for you would be kettlebells. A good kettlebell workout will combine cardio and strength training, and specifically to your situation is cost effective and doesn't take a lot of space.

Get three: 16kg, 20kg, and 24kg. The brands worth buying are Dragon Door, Apollo, Life Line, and Ader. These three kettlebells will last you the rest of your life.

I would use an every-other-day approach, and do a routine that looks like the below. Aim for doing it for 30 minutes. Take 3 minutes before you do them all again. You'll start to pick an order that works for you (which ones before the other):

Kettlebells can be brutal on your hands, use chalk.

Also, get a rubber mat of some type. I used a piece of full grain leather. You'll be dropping the kettlebell a lot (on purpose), like setting it down after two handed swings. There's not a lot of "gentle" ways to set 50lbs down when you're tired so whatever is under you will get beat up. I had a 3'x4' piece of full grain leather.

  • I agree with kettlebells, but I would not recommend an ab wheel to someone just starting out. Without a strong core and shoulders, the ab wheel can create injuries. Commented Aug 31, 2015 at 5:46
  • @BackInShapeBuddy that's fair, didn't think about it. I'll edit it out.
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  • +1 for kettlebells, though I'd advocate more cleans. Side presses, halos, and pass-through lunges are also good to have in complexes.
    – Alex L
    Commented Sep 2, 2015 at 18:56

Assuming that you have something you can use as a bench at your home, then there are plenty of workouts you can do with dumbbells to build muscle primarily but also burn some fat, too. Try to train each part 2-3 times a week, do under 16 repetitions, and do about 2-4 sets. (Some of the following you nay need an adjustable bench for) For your chest: Chest fly, incline chest fly, dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell bench press, seated dumbbell chest press. For you biceps: Concentration curl, classic curl, straight arm standing curl, hammer curl. For your triceps: Tricep kickback, dumbbell tricep press. For your legs: Dumbbell front squat, calf raises w/dumbbell, dumbbell walking lunge. For your back: Dumbbell shrugs, Dumbbell rows. For your delts: Seated dumbbell shoulder press, decline flies, front raises, side lateral raises. There's also options for abs, but I personally believe that abdominal muscles are easier to be attained with a combination of calisthenics and cardio than weights, unless you are squatting/deadlifting(both w/barbell), which you are not. As for fat burn, I would say weights help but to really burn fat you have to run, bike, or swim. The last two are easier on your joints, I should note.

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