Looking for a hydration pack that I can use for riding, running, snowboarding and (by removing the bladder and putting it into my travel pack) backpacking across Europe.

My requirements are pretty simple:

  • Small
  • 2L capacity (or around that mark)
  • Light
  • Minimal - no extra storage or other bells and whistles are necessary
  • Reasonably strong/good quality

What do you recommend?

At this stage I'm interested in this bag by Deuter.


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I find Camelbak (http://www.camelbak.com/Sports-Recreation/Packs.aspx) very simple and elegant, and from my own experience after using Camelbak in military activity for a couple of years now I can absolutely recommend it.

Example for your requirements: http://www.camelbak.com/Sports-Recreation/Packs/2011-Classic-3L-Intl-Only.aspx even though it is for 3 litres.

I don't know Deuter from your link and can't say what's best.


I ended up going with a Viper 4 by Osprey, which is quite small (only enough extra room for keys/phone, and to attach helmet on the outside). It comes with the best bladder/hose/bite valve system I've seen. Got it on special at Paddy Pallin in Melbourne for $70.

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