Not looking for opinion on which one is the "best app out there"

I have started working out with a personal trainer and have not been able to find an app where:

  1. The Personal Trainer can design my workout
  2. I/We can track against how I did
  3. He The Personal Trainer can possibly design sessions when I don't train with him

I am aware of the following apps but they don't suite my bill:

  1. Lifting Log
  2. Fit77
  3. LiftBig
  4. HIIT



I have been training for quite some time and the best app I have found so far has been the app of Bodybuilding.com . There is an entire web space devoted to people that train and like the training and nutrition part. You can download the app on Google Play if you are an Android user and on the App Store if you are an iOS user. Here is the link to Android:

What will probably suit you is that there is the opportunity to create your personal plan as well as choose somebody else's plan to follow. If your trainer has created a workout, you can simply say that you will do it and select the given workout you are looking for. The app has a timer that you can start once you have clicked on an exercise, you can friend people with similar interests etc.


Check out www.dojofitness.io

I believe this app covers all your needs. It allows you to work with your trainer via the app to design workout & diet plans and track / monitor progress. It also allows you to post results and compete with friends.

  • Hi Nate, do you work for dojofitness, I wasn't able to find anything substantiative at the site -- plus the site looks like it's very early stage. Mar 15 '16 at 19:01

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