Particularly as you place the ball of your foot down and transfer weight onto it.

From this image I believe it's #3, and #18-20. These correspond with Sartorius, Gracilis, Adductor Longus, and Pectineus, respectively.

Leg muscles

They've become deactivated after my PCL tear, and due to 'not having faith in them' I've developed bad form in my one-leg squats.

Preferably something that I can do at home. I'm attempting some sit-ups/leg-lifts next, but I'd really like to pack on improve my strength in this area.

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brianmac.co.uk said that LIEBENSON, C (2006) Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Practitioner’s Manual says "if a lack of coordination is seen when walking backwards it indicates the gluteus maximus is weak."

The muscles that let me walk backwards without all kinds of twisting were the gluteus minimus (activated by the hip hitch) and the gluteus medius. Trouble in the single-leg squat indicates issues with the gluteus medius. There are three exercises listed on that page, of which the wall press was the best for helping me feel the muscle.

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Reverse lunges, which you can scale up with either weights at your side, or a barbell in either the front rack or backsquat position, or even overhead if you want to get really spicy?

Offered with NO knowledge of what happens during or after a PCL tear, so please take grains of salt as needed. :D

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