Obviously sleep is the steroids of natural bodybuilding, cause while you sleep you grow your muscle, and it is well known that we need at least 8 hours of sleep a day.

When you sleep your body secretes hormones, but what is the minimum time required for your body to begin secreting hormones while you sleep?

For example If I take a 2 hours nap would my muscle "grow" because of hormones that my body secretes, or do I need more time until growing process begins.

Anyways you need to sleep 8 hours but I have been wondering this a long time ago.

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If I recall the optimal amount of sleep for "standard" athletes is around 7h30 (+/- 30 minutes) going on the higher side if your other recovery factors (food, stress, etc.) are diminished (e.g. you're dieting down and training hard, you're in the middle of a high volume cycle, you live a stressful life, etc.). I'd recommend you read sleep, part 1 and sleep, part 2 by coach and world record holder powerlifter Greg Nuckols on the interactions of sleep with strength sports and health.


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