I'm taking a forced break (about 2-3 weeks) from weightlifting after several months of training. How much are my strength and volume going to drop and at what pace should I start training after coming back? Also is it beneficial to keep protein consumption the same (2g per 1kg) during the break or I should decrease it? Can I use this time to lose some fat and go for calories deficit without losing muscles?


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Taking a couple weeks off won't hurt your strength and could actually be beneficial over the long run as it will give your body some really good rest. I like doing a small deficit when I have to take time off of lifting, you could expect to lose a few lbs over that time. Be aware if you do go on a deficit during your time off you will probably have to drop your weights a little when you come back to lifting. I recommend starting out a little light, like 5-10% lbs lighter than you were doing, and working back up to your old weights over a few workouts.

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    Good answer, but I'd talk more about a percentage decline that "10-15lb".
    – Eric
    Oct 7, 2015 at 15:21

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