I have started pilates (on machines) with the intent of reversing my 'computer posture'. y arms rotate inward, and my shoulders slope forward. This is a well-known problem that comes from using computers for too much time.

I've finished 4 pilates sessions. It seems like we focus on front muscles, like the stomach, and not as much on back muscles, which are what I'm hoping to fix. The last thing I want to do is make the front muscles tighter by working them out, and ignoring the back muscles. Is the issue that we've just begun (fourth session)? Do I simply fail to see the work the pilates sessions are doing on my 'computer posture' affected muscles? Or, is pilates simply not good for computer posture?


Any worthwhile pilates endeavour will ultimately strengthen your entire core.

But it's easy to forget that a lot of abdominal work also engages the entire core, which includes muscles in the lumbar region.

So to answer your question; I believe that either you're

  • too early in your pilates journey, and are still learning more basic movements, or

  • not aware of the entire scope of the exercises, and misinterpreting what they're good for

But yes, pilates is absolutely a good place to work on fixing bad posture due to extended periods of sitting.

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