I'm trying to get through Mark Lauren's You Are Your Own Gym Beginner program, as per my earlier question on ladders, Failure in ladder exercises - Am I misunderstanding rest periods?. When doing the "Let-Me-Ins", I'm finding that my legs seem to be taking the brunt of the effort. My arms, chest, and back are fine, but my legs are burning within a few reps. I know that I'm still hurting a bit from leg day, but is this normal?


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As it turns out, yes, it's perfectly normal. While the exercise is supposed to work only the back and legs, a lot of people have trouble with the static position. Some tips from the Fitocracy wiki:

  • Use some rope
  • I noticed that I had the tendency to rock back on my heels, even every so slightly just shifting the weight. I felt less of that when I tried to keep my toes down and feet flat on the ground.
  • Trying extra hard not to lean my weight back helped a little.

Mainly, they seem to counsel just doing the exercise day after day and it will get better.

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