I am diabetic with surgical repair of both shoulders total replacement and 2nd right toe amputation with right great toe partial amputation. I have had neck surgery C-6,7 ACDF and have lower lumbar movement syndrome where my vertebrae juts out midway over the lower vertebrae causing severe pain and inability to walk.

I sleep on my left side. There is no apparent difference in my walking or strength, yet the vast difference in my abdominal apron. I have changed my diet over the last few years, with the last year turning more toward a decreased gluten and increased Paleo diets. I used only coconut oil, sugar (some flour & milk), Almond Milk and Flour, sweet potatoes; NO: white rice, bread, flour, sugar. I have lost 60# with 40-50 to go.

I would like to know of some exercises that I can gradually increase in duration and intensity to help alleviate the abdominal aprons uneven size and appearance.

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    It sounds like you really need to go to a doctor or physio – Aequitas Jan 19 '16 at 3:14
  • The short answer is no. You can't spot reduce a specific area on your body. You can, however, undertake an exercise program that will help you reduce and lower overall body fat content. – rrirower Jan 19 '16 at 13:55

I do not think there exists any single set of simple exercises or advices, which can ease your situation. You have too many and too complicated difficulties.

On the other hand, I feel sure you will benefit much from appropriate training.

One of my supervisors has confirmed this story: https://vimeo.com/41271653 I hope, you will get inspiration/understanding for how big difficulties you can overcome, if you really want.

Sometimes people ask me how I can afford a personal trainer. I think most people can afford one, if they have to do it.

Think about your life in the next five years if you do nothing. A skilled supervisor or personal trainer might heavily improve the quality of your life too.


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