Recently I've started playing a game called Beatmania, where you repeatedly press 7 different buttons and also here and there spin a disc. enter image description here

It's possible to press the buttons with a lot of different hand positioning methods, but right now i'm having trouble deciding to either use my thumb, index, middle and ring finger for the four buttons on the right-hand side or my thumb, index, middle and pink finger.

What would be better for my hands in the long-term? Rapidly pressing with my middle and pink finger feels a lot more fluent than with my ring finger (assuming because of the shared tendons), but my pink finger is a lot weaker and takes more power to press down than with my ring finger.

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    I am honestly conflicted as to whether this counts as a good Fitness question... – Sean Duggan Feb 25 '16 at 17:18
  • @SeanDuggan - Yeah, I hovered over the option myself, but I was in doubt, and I tend to give the asker the benefit of the doubt. I propose to keep it open, as I'd quite frankly be interested in a well thought-out answer. – Alec Feb 25 '16 at 19:03