I used to be able to ride my bike for miles and do spin classes with no problems. I stopped when I started working a graveyard shift. It entailed sitting for hours on end. I did this for a few years. I am no longer able to ride due to severe hip/groin pain, primarily on the up stroke. Do you know of any specific beginner exercises/stretches that I can ease into to start alleviating this problem?

  • A cyclist I am not; but, I thought you were supposed to drive through 12-6 in the pedal stroke not pull up from 6 to 12. Is this correct?
    – BryceH
    May 5, 2016 at 19:59

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It sounds like the pain in your hip is coming from your hip-flexors.

This group is comprised of the: Illiopsoas; Sartorius; and Rectus Femorus. Their purpose is to: Flex your hip joint; Flex your trunk forward; Pull your thigh upward; and to help stabilize your lower body (at the pelvis).

This images shows how your weight should be distributed for a hip-flexor stretch...

While this image shows an alternate form that also forces that weight more into your hip because it forces a fixed point (the floor) that the other does not. This picture doesn't do a great job of showing the weight distribution, though. Or... Maybe the drawing just has really tight hip-flexors

The following 2 links have more in depth descriptions with videos to describe the basic stretch (as it can be hard to conceptualize via images). Some info is repeated

Hip-Flexor Videos 1

Hip-Flexor Videos 2

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