In this pic I added the first day of my MadCow spreadsheet.

My question(s) are:

When do I stop (start over)?
For example, if I started Week 6 and I will try to squat 5 reps of 110kg
But I only manage to do 4 reps

Do I then update my Squat and start again on week 1?
Or should I keep going until I am unable to do even 1 rep?


If I fail at doing 5 reps in squat, but I manage to do 5 reps in benchpress, IF I have to restart my squat then, do I also have to restart my benchpress, or can they be on seperate weeks?


Squat is reset and is now on week 2
Benchpress is still going and is on week 8

MadCow First Day

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You don't "start over" unless you stop lifting for several months. The point is to always be stronger for the rest of your life. The point is not to lift the weight and then pretend you can't lift the heavy weight.

If you miss a rep on one exercise, it doesn't affect the others. They track separately.

If you miss one rep of, say, a squat, then try that weight again the next workout. If you miss again, then back off by 10% in the next workout (or "rewind" a week), then continue progressing. Never go back to Week 1 unless you quit entirely and are restarting the program months later after you're weak again.

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