So many people say Saturated Fats is bad for you and you shouldn't eat too much fatty meats or dairy because they lead to high cholesterol. Everyone just takes this as fact without asking for proof.

Does anyone know of any studies that show proof of this?

If someone eats a number of calories that are equal to or less than their daily caloric needs, does the amount of Saturated Fat in their diet really make a difference?

Additionally, body fat is saturated fat. So, if I'm burning my own fat, isn't that just like eating the same amount of calories worth of saturated fat as I have burned? What's the difference.

Please post links to sources with your answers. Thanks.


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Saturated fats are good for you - 50 percent or more of our cell membrane phospholipids are saturated. The anti-saturated fat campaign was launched by U.S. vegetable interests wanting us to eat margarine, Crisco, and trans fat.

Thanks to them, obesity and diabetes have become the Twin Tower epidemics of our time! This is an excellent link; the truth about saturated fat.


Definitely conventional wisdom needs to be questioned in a methodical way.

Gary Taubes has written a lot about Saturated Fat, and while I can understand it while I read, I find it difficult to explain from scratch.

However, here's a good New York Times Article on Saturated Fats which shows that they aren't the enemy that the experts make them out to be.

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