Given the exercise goal of enhancing cognitive function (higher energy levels, better memory and/or better reasoning skills), what is the Minimum Effective Dose of exercise required for a young adult (ages 20-35)? As in, what is the minimum amount of time spent exercising (with no constraints on spacing, types {cardio vs strength} or intensity) per week that has the maximum amount of cognitive benefits?


  • I am using the term Minimum Effective Dose to mean "the point of maximum benefit and minimal cost", as taken from "The 4 Hour Body".

  • "Is there such a thing as a minimum amount of exercise per week?" addressed the idea of a general minimum of exercise, but it seemed to only target general health.

  • This article (mentions a U-shaped curve) and this product seem to insinuate that there is a specific exercise regimen for cognitive enhancement, but they're not very convincing.