Is there a chart describing via a figure or set of figures, with explanations, the different kinds of back pain one can experience and their causes?

What about medical computer simulations, depicting accidents, pain visually, and a set of remedies, including a set of steps and procedures the massage therapist can use, from which one can learn to become a therapist.

People can simulate driving through a computer, I see no reason why one could not sinulate an accident and giving a massage through a computer.

We already have crash-test-dummies, to simulate the injury. We need to combine this with pain models, and pain elimination techniques, models for simulating physical activities of injured people, etc.


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Yes there are back pain charts. But in the grand scheme of things, any such chart is going to have a lot of missing information, because there is simply too many types of back pain to put onto a single chart.

For the rest of the question, I don't see what you're trying to ask. It looks like you're just speculating about whether or not there exists injury simulation software, and that falls outside the scope of this StackExchange.

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