I have a recurring issue where, for a week or two at a time randomly with anywhere from weeks to months in between, one wrist will exhibit excruciating pain when attempting to bend it up or down past a certain angle. That angle varies as it get worse and better.

For example, normally I am able to do a push-up with my hand in the normal position (as though you were gesturing "STOP" to the ground), but when this pain comes, I cannot do this and instead must use a fist. Ibuprofen taken for anti-inflammatory purposes has no effect

I have never experienced tingling/numbness with respect to this. I saw a doctor about it who also did tests and believes it is not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They ran X-Rays but did not see anything.

I know this is a long-shot, but are there any exercises I can do to strengthen my wrist in such a way to prevent this from occurring?

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It depends which part of the wrist you want to reinforce.

I suggest to strenghten your hand muscles and your forearm muscle. Any grip based exercise will be good. Armwrestlers use these type of tools to strenghten their grip power and aswell their wrist and forearm muscles.

Also try to work on your range of motion. Remember that having a healty fascia tissue is key to avoid injuries.

Common stretching exercises for forearms are not so complicated and you can find them anywhere.

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