Today, I noticed that my my neck appears to have a small hunchback. Do you know workouts that could improve my neck posture in order to straighten it? Additionally, my bed is orthopedic and I have a soft pillow. I think the way I sleep and my soft pillow may be a cause.

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Thoracic Kyphosis and Forward Head ("Computer Guy" Hunchback): Upper cross syndrome is another posture issue caused by sitting while hunching forward (at a computer, over books, etc).

Pectorals and the upper back/next tend to be tight as a result and the scapular muscles (shoulder blades) and neck flexors tend to be weak. This post has excellent information on why you're doing different exercises, but many of the links have degraded.

This pdf demonstrates how to do the specific exercises mentioned (skip to page 4 for the specifics for this section, although all of the stretches are good).

enter image description here

Source: reddit.com/r/fitness


The spine is nothing to take lightly. If it's a question about the spinal column I always say get a professional to look at it in person.


This is a common problem for most of the IT guys as well as heavy social media users on mobile. I got this problem a month back I tried some good Yoga Pose suggested by Baba Ramdev( India). It helped me a lot. You can search for his reference in Google.

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