For powerlifting and olympic lifting, the height of a person obviously has some affect. A taller person has a longer bar path which takes more power to travel. The height of a person can also affect their leverages and abilities.

Given two people with the same build and training, how much does a person's height affect their strength? Has there been any good studies on this subject?

The question deals with raw totals and not wilks or percentage of weight.

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    I also realize those are two very different sports, so if this question is too broad, I will refine it to one of them.
    – DeeV
    Commented Jan 3, 2017 at 18:17

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I can't speak for weightlifting as I'm by no means educated on it all.

In regards to powerlifting though, there is a general theory of 'you are x height so should compete in x weight class'. It's not to suggest if you are 6'4 you can ONLY be competitive in the super heavy weight class it's just a general observation of majority bigger athletes usually compete heavier as they are bigger humans overall.

Honestly I don't think height is that much of a factor, I personally feel its body proportion. It's very apparent with different athletes, Layne Norton's squat for example.

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