I was born without the ability to supinate (turn my wrist so my palm faces upwards) my wrist. This is a problem only on my right hand. Therefore I can’t do regular curls, preacher curls or concentration curls. I can and am doing hammer curls. I have access to dumbells, kettle bells, and a lat machine (and body weight ofc).

  • So I'm assuming you also can't do underhand chin-ups? Can you turn your hand so that you thumb is pointing towards yourself while you do the curl (like hammercurls)? – MJB Apr 26 '17 at 6:57
  • Yeah. I am only doing hammer curls right now. – Archie Apr 26 '17 at 7:40

Two things to consider would be deadlifts and barbell rows. Done correctly there's not much movement in your wrist for those, and the deadlift will train your biceps isometrically while the barbell row will do concentric.

It's a little soap-box-y, but I'd add that except for a very small portion of bodybuilders, most everyone would be much better off doing compound barbell lifts. Targeting individual muscles in isolation (curls, skull crushers, etc) are a great way to build imbalances and tendinitis.

So, while you may feel dismayed that you can't curl, you're probably better off anyway.

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