I am gym beginner and my trainer suggested to me the following diet plan with about 400g protein. I am 210 lbs and 6 ft tall guy

  • 07:00Am - 1 Scoop Protein, 60g oats, 10 Almonds, 4 Walnuts
  • 08:10Am - 1 Scoop pre Workout
  • 09:30Am - 1 Scoop Protein, 1 Apple
  • 10:30Am - 4 Brown bread cottage cheese sandwich
  • 01:30Pm - 500g Chicken, 2 Chapati, Salad
  • 05:00Pm - 1 Apple, 5 eggs
  • 07:30Pm - 1 orange, 1 Scoop protein
  • 09:30Pm - 500g Chicken, Salad
  • First of all 400 gr protein too much for a beginner. To help you about your plan we should know about your body fat percentage and your goal. U should provide them.
    – CanESER
    Aug 23, 2017 at 10:53

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That's not 400gr protein. Besides, 400gr for a beginner trainer is way too much, try to aim for 1-1.25gr protein per pound (lean mass) bw.

I also would suggest to divide your calorie intake some more, meal 2,3,6,7 hardly contain calories.

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