I'm tring to get all the nutritions from natural food. But I cannot find a alternate for Whey. I'm using cottage cheese instead of Cesain supplements, which is a low digesting protein. Eggs as medium digesting protein. But I cannot find any fast digesting protein, easy availble food as an alterante to whey supplements. So which is best fast digesting protein rich natural food?

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    Whey protein powder is a natural food. – Christian Conti-Vock Sep 11 '17 at 20:13
  • just because it is powdered does not mean it is bad, you also assume that anything "unnatural" is bad which is a fallacy to nature. – John Sep 12 '17 at 6:48

Well, as the name whey suggests, you could maybe go to your local farmer and get some fresh whey.

If this does not suit you, you could try to get some natural whey powder. I do not mean the unflavoured whey protein, but the really natural whey.

If you still do not want the powder, you could simply drink milk. It also has a decent amount of whey protein by nature....

There does not seem to be a real alternative besides that. I dug through some posts on the internet now and some suggest egg whites, but I think the best would be a whey shake.

The benefit of a shake in general is the better and faster digestability, so maybe you should really consider it.


Nuts and soy products are a great source of fast non-dairy protein. (You can generally find a soy isolate protein powder in a nutrition store).

Personally I'm a big fan of peanut butter and almonds. Just watch your fat intake with adding nuts to your diet.


I would recommend quaker with milk,yogurt,banana (general fruits).I haven't take never whey. I can't say whey if it gains more but like those it can replace.I hope to help

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