Last month i've noticed how my belly is getting bigger and it's just adding to my body problems.

Is there something i can do to correct/fix my posture and belly at home or is going to the gym inevitable ? What kind of exercises should I focus on and what not to ? Also I don't count my calories intake but i think i'm slightly underweight even if I eat normally.
Thank you all.


You look like you have an anterior pelvic tilt (weak abs, hamstrings and glutes with tight over-active lower back and and hip flexors) and rounded back (weak rhomboids and lower traps with tight over-active pecs)


Rounded shoulders

Not a comprehensive list at all, but these exercises should do some good

Cat cow (will stretch some problematic areas): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOj76wV2WfPvwk3LlWoEMDjcBeWZ93YIi


YTWL: https://youtu.be/3MxHX9j15BU

Rows: https://www.reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/wiki/exercises/row



Plank (abs): https://youtu.be/kL_NJAkCQBg

Hollow hold (abs): https://youtu.be/LlDNef_Ztsc

Glute bridge: https://youtu.be/O9j_DU_4KXs

Lunge stretch

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