I'm a smalls scrony 18 year old, and I want to get ripped! I have no self confidence issues, I just hate people taking advantage of me beacuse I'm a smaller build! I'm never hungry but I eat enough to maintain my weight. I'm about 5'6" and weigh 125 lbs. I have know idea where to start gaining weight and turning it to muscle. I don't play sports so my endurance is not great either. I'd like to know how to build that as well. Help with daily diet and a 7 day work out plan that I can slowly increase difficulty would be nice too! A specific question i have is: How many calories should I be eating everyday for weight gain? And does it matter if it's junk food? I heard that if your gaining weight it doesn't really matter, idk if that's true or not

Body: Ht- 5"6' Wt- 125 lbs. Age- 18

Need help with: Diet/how many calories daily do I need Muscle building workout plan And endurance training workout plan

I am hoping to workout daily

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I would recommend a basic strength program like Stronglifts or Starting Strength. And for your dietary needs: GOMAD. Gallon Of Milk A Day. That is ~2400kcal and ~120g of proteins.

Keep eating your normal amounts. I would still stay clear from too much junk food and focus on meats and veggies. A cheeseburger every once in a while is okay, just don't overdo it.


Looks like your goals same as mine :) (i waked this path and still on it, look at my last question. Also i made many mistakes and here they are)

1) So, first of all - you don't need to workout every day.

Your body need time to regenerate all "damage" caused by working out.

I'd recommend you full body program 2-3 times per week for first two month.

Something like this one

2) Watch your nutrition! You more need to care about what you are eating than about counting calories. Because of 200kcal u get by boiled chicken and 200kcal u get from chocolate bar impact different. So simple rules:

  • Wipe out sugar and all sweets/soda from your mind (but u can drink zero stuff). If you like your coffe/tea sweet - you can buy sweetener. Like aspartame, you can find it in every supermarket.

  • Don't eat buns/bread (but in your case of underweight actually you can eat some dark bread I suppose)

  • Reduce sauces.

  • No aclohol/smoking.

  • Try eat meat/fish more, but better boiled than fried.

3) You need to sleep minimum 8hrs.

And last one - try to walk by feet (not running, it's exausting and you can't run for like 40mins - 1hr straight) like around 6-12km per day. On your way to job. Or to the bus station (u can skip some just walking by feet).

P.S. I think you can ignore last advice because if your weight is so low you don't need that. I gain fat really fast thats why I trying to walk a lot, and it helps.


I don't know if this is allowed but I bought a book called Bigger, Leaner, Stronger and I am currently following this program and I have seen good gains over the last 6 months. It's a great starting point and perfect for beginners because it teaches you the basics so you understand how training and nutrition affect your body and it also dispels a lot of myths that are banded around by so called "health/fitness/nutrition" gurus.

Check out some of his blog post's on muscleforlife.com

Also do a search on this site for macro calculator and you'll find a handy little calculator for working out your macro's.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the author or muscleforlife.com. I just love the program and the knowledge he shares.

Oh and one last thing...your technique is by far more important than how heavy you can lift. Don't ever forget that :)

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First of all you need to know how much calories you need for doing your job. As a worker in a office you need like 2.2k calories.

I will do the calculation with my daily work and my added calories.

So I eat 2.2k calories to do my daily job but if I need to gain more I add like 700 more calories.

After that I eat like 3k calories a day.

If I do a heavy workout like legs or back I add more because a heavy workout burns like 600 calories(yeah I know someone will say more or less).

To gain muscles the muscle need protein.
I do it with 1kg=2g protein. In your case 56kg=112g
Also keep the fat small to eat clean and train dirty

If you are new to training you should start with full-body training but with many rest days. Don`t go every day. Later you can do a split. I do a 3-split:

chest-tricpes back-biceps shoulder-leg-abs and 2 rest days.

I hope this helps you

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