I have a torn meniscus and I am looking for an alternative to Hang Cleans.

Hang Cleans

The doctor has told me that I can do any exercise as long as:

  • I am sure my knee does not bent up to 90º or more
  • This eliminates deep squats and hang cleans.

Is there an alternative that uses as many muscles as hang cleans?

At this moment I am doing Dead lifts as shown in image but I am not sure it uses as many muscles as Hang Cleans

Dead Lift


The power variations (power cleans and power snatches) involve landing in the power position (with your legs above 90 deg), like a half or quater squat.

That said however I am not a medical professional but I would avoid the O-lifts in general. You usually land up putting yourself in dangerous situations during the learning process. I would stick to deadlifts and barbell rows. They're both very good compound exercises which sound a bit safer for you condition.

Consult your doctor and please be careful with the deadlifts as well. It is a good exercise but can be dangerous if carried out with bad form.

  • I assumed OP is familiar with the hanging clean, but it is just that: an assumption. Maybe OP can clarify. Sep 1 '17 at 18:08

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