I am thinking of building some muscle to help burn off the excess fat on my body. Of every part of my body, my abdomen has the most fat. So, I was thinking of focusing on my abs and obliques. But I have heard that a muscle imbalance can cause pain similar to that of a pulled muscle. So should I focus on my abs and obliques or not?


A few things you should understand:

Muscle imbalance can indeed cause long term pain or injuries so if you work out, you want to work on your entire body (and work on mental health is as important in my opinion but this ain't the place for that I guess).

Also, focussing on your abs will not help on getting rid of belly fat faster. The contrary will happen. You need to burn fat over your entire body and most ab exercises don't burn a lot of calories, so you won't lose fat fast. It's better to do compound movements and some cardio if you want to burn fat.

Hope it helps!

  • So, that means that for every day I do abdominal exercises, I should also exercise my chest and back, is that what you are saying? I have noticed when I had long term abdominal muscle pain(lasted a year) that doing an abdominal stretch helped with the pain and I did do basically no back exercises for 2 months(that is how long I could do just abdominal exercises before I had the 1 year long muscle pain) so maybe that pain was caused by a muscle imbalance.
    – Caters
    Sep 28 '17 at 6:56
  • Caters, yes to your first question in general.
    – Eric
    Sep 29 '17 at 14:19

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