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Hi all, I’ve noticed that I have foot splay just on the right hand side whilst running. Is this a problem or just a natural quirk?

Anyone else experience this?

Thanks all.

  • It could also just be how your body aligns. My feet splay out naturally even when on ground. – JohnP Dec 17 '18 at 14:43

This is actually the ideal; your feet should splay to absorb impact as they strike the ground (ideally with a mid-foot strike)


Folk who run in typical running shoes usually don't benefit from this foot splay, as their shoes keep their feet squeezed together. However, there are programs and products out there to help bring back this natural foot movement: https://www.nwfootankle.com/

  • Thanks for replying. I run in a wide range of shoes, most with a large toe-box, I splay in all shoes, which tells me that's it's not the shoes. Also, it's just one side. I've also noticed other runners doing it, and it does look inefficient. I can't tell from this picture of my hip is dropping. I'll try and get video from behind whilst I run, to see if it is related to my hips... – Markoid Jan 20 '18 at 10:09

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