I'm taking a look here at this video:


Specifically this frame:

enter image description here

It appears he lets it drop with no voluntary tightening of the muscles while it's in descent. When I do this, I tense up my muscles and resist the descent as it drops to the ground in my hands. I think that if I were to do it like this person, I would start to develop some socket pain from just letting it jerk like this.

I thought learning shin-to-knee, knee-to-hip, hip-to-breast, breast-drop-to-overhead was it, but no, the descent is important too, no? I want to get it right.

Dropping the bar, IMO, seems less athletic.

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The lifter in the video is doing "high-pulls", which are assistance movements for the clean. He appears to be lowering the barbell from shoulders to thighs (the latter being the "hang" position) with some (but not complete) control, which is appropriate. He is in fact mostly letting it drop unimpeded, but is engaging shoulder and back musculature.

Reverse-curling the barbell or otherwise slowing its descent is not essential to the exercise, and could increase his risk of developing an "arm-pull" habit, which is highly detrimental to cleans.

Personally, I don't like that he releases the barbell from the hang position to the floor at the end of the set, but he is using bumper plates, so the offense is minimal.

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