Do curved treadmills help with proper running form*?

In looking for a treadmill, I came across curved treadmills like the Woodway Curve and TrueForm Runner. They claim to help with form, but do they really? I’d like to find out before dropping $5000+ (or would I be better off with another treadmill?)

  • I realize that “proper running form” can vary between individuals, but I believe we could all agree that, undeniably, there are general good rules of thumb to follow (ie. Maintaining a short, quick stride, keeping your knees in line, etc)
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    A reference to what you mean by "proper running form" might help potential respondents. – Christian Conti-Vock Feb 12 '18 at 22:04

A curved treadmill will not help you "maintain a short, quick stride". In fact, unless you modify your stride specifically for that treadmill's curvature, your stride will be longer: your feet will maintain contact with the treadmill through a longer arc (range of motion).

If you intend to improve your form for running on normal (that is, "flat") surfaces, then I fail to see how a curved treadmill will help you.

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